4 Problems with Generators and How to Deal With Them

Good quality generators should be able to last a long time as long as they are well maintained and cared for. However, there may be times when they break down and malfunction for whatever reason. Equipment of all sorts tends to break down from time to time, which should be anticipated.


Here are some of the more common generator issues that you should keep your eye out for, and some possible solutions for each. However, issues that are more serious in nature should be dealt with generac generator service Spring TX.

Low Coolant Level Alarms

One of the most obvious reasons for a low coolant level is a leak, either external or internal. Despite the fact that plenty of generators come equipped with this alarm, not all of them have an alarm indicator that is specifically dedicated for low coolant. Generally speaking, this alarm is linked to a high coolant temp shutdown which can help you identify exactly which fault resulted in the shutdown.

Low Coolant Temp Alarms

Faulty block heaters are typically behind low coolant temp alarms. Since these heaters operate 24/7, and periodically, it’s inevitable that they will falter eventually. However, a block heater won’t cause the engine to stop running. It’s the extreme temperature within the block heater that’s the cause of the coolant circulating throughout the system. There may be times when you’ll be able to hear the coolant boiling in the block heater.

Block Heaters

The coolant that surrounds the engine block is heated by the block heater. Ensuring that the engine block is warm will prevents the oil from getting too thick in colder temperatures. It’s often mistakenly believed that the engine doesn’t require a block heater in warmer weather. However, a block heater does a lot more than just help the engine to start when it’s cold out.

A lot of wear and tear can occur during the engine’s start up as a result of the dissimilar metals that engines are constructed with. The pistons, which are typically made of aluminum, often expand at faster rates compared to iron cylinder liners, which can cause the piston skirt to scuff. Block heaters can alleviate the majority of this scuffing by keeping the temperature of the cooling system maintained and keeping the cylinder liners expanded.

Engine Ran Out of Fuel

It’s possible for mechanical fuel level gauges to be inaccurate sometimes. The tank of a generator tank does not have any movement which can cause the fuel to become stagnant.  Mechanical gauges can also get stuck in one position until they are broken free through vibrations. If you detect major issues with your generator, you’d be well advised to contact your trusted generator service provider right away.