5 modern ideas to renovate your bathroom

If kitchen is the heart of the house and bedroom is the soul, then bathroom is most certainly the place that is most functional and provides solitude and alone time, apart from being a showcase of the house to the guests. It is also the most important part of the house in terms of usage and a mere day without a functioning bathroom can wreak havoc in daily lives of the occupants. Whenever somebody thinks of renovation of the house, the bathroom doesn’t get the attention it should.

As compared to a bedroom or a living room, there is also a general dearth of design ideas when it comes to a bathroom renovation. In any case, most people identify bathroom renovation with fixing the waterproofing, adding a few design elements, changing a few old fittings,remodeling thebathtub and generally remodel the space, but it can be much more than that. Based on your interests, needs and budget, bathroom renovation can be as, if not more, detailed and can cost as much as other areas of the house. Let us discuss a few modern ideas that one can use for bathroom renovation project that can incorporate the true sense of individuality and charisma:

  • Increase the storage: If the bathroom renovation is being done in order to accommodate the needs of a growing family, it is important to consider adding space in bathroom in terms of shelves, racks and other storage areas that can accommodate needs of all family members. Unlike earlier practice when bulky wooden cabinets built inside bathroom to store towels etc. were used, modern trend is to have colorful, often textured shelves that are open and suspended on walls of the bathroom, also known as ‘floating shelves’. On one hand these shelves provide a feel of lightness and openness in the bathroom, it also makes the area look more colorful and alive with the addition of towels and fabrics of different colors and materials. Storage can also be added in the form of wooden crates that can be drilled in the floor or the walls at low height to have accessible storage.
  • Improve functionality: Come to think of it, bathroom is without doubt the most functional room of the entire house apart from being one of the smallest in size. To that end, modern design elements should be introduced during bathroom remodeling in order to increase the functionality of bathroom by introducing water conserving toilet and bathtub. Generally speaking, placing small items that serve no practical purpose on the counter shelf or the bathtub area will only increase clutter and make the bathroom look more unkempt and untied. In short, whatever design elements are introduced during a bathroom remodeling, should also serve particular purpose. This aspect becomes all the more critical if the bathroom space is small.
  • Use colour: Although the colour white is associated with cleanliness and has traditionally been the colour of preference for toilet units, bath tubs and wash basins etc., there is no stopping from making the walls of the bathroom colourful and interesting if not adding colourful hardware itself. Adding a dash of colour on bathroom walls and using towels in different, bold colors will make your bathroom stand out from the regular bathrooms of others and provide uniqueness as well as add quirkiness and interest.
  • Light elements: As most bathrooms are rather small, you should try to add light elements that mimic natural light so as the space feels light and much bigger since natural light makes any room feel larger. If there is an actual source of natural light and it has been ignored to be utilized fully during the construction/ last renovation of the house, it should be utilized during the current renovation. There is nothing more inviting and calming than a naturally lit room and bathrooms are no exception. If however artificial lights need to be changed/ incorporated attention must be paid to change the light bulbs to ones that emit a warmer glow. Importantly, the lighting also plays a major role in how one sees themselves in the bathroom mirror and to look nice, you must use the best light combinations.
  • Redesign the shower area: Most bathrooms have a combination – bathtub with a shower inside or shower only. If your budget allows, it should be considered to have the shower curtain removed and the shower spaceremodeled to accommodate a glass door enclosure. Glass creates the illusion of a larger area and while using the shower or the bath, the bath area will feel larger and allow a larger degree of privacy.

How to find good bathroom renovation contractors

Since bathroom renovation is done rarely, it is important to spend some time on finding the best possible professional advice and service when renovating a bathroom. One great way to find, compare and negotiate is through the websites of the various bathroom remodeling contractors or better still log on to sites such as YouDo that has listings of the best local contractors under one roof.

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