Teak Wood Flooring

Teak floor is one of the best choice for parquet floor. This is because teak has a characteristic that has been widely known, both in terms of age is relatively durable and durable, and no effect on changing weather conditions, teak still has a proven durability.

Because of the various advantages, making this type of wood has a high price. Solid parquet flooring that uses teak wood floor as the material has a color that is mostly light brown. For more info you can visit Reclaimed Wood Flooring Specialist

In humid and cold surroundings, ordinary wood may be moldy and decaying, but unlike teak, it has a very strong resistance to fungus due to moisture. In addition, wood pest attacks such as termites and other insects will not be too disturbing because of the strong and durable wood texture.

Teak flooring has a nice fiber texture and supports for wood flooring, in addition to finishing as well, teak does not really need it, because teak already has a layer of oil or wax that serves also as a preservative.

Installation of teak wood floor you can do yourself or rent services, which are usually provided also by the seller of wooden floor.

Here are 2 ways to install with different variations and materials:


Install directly on the floor that has been in Puree


 After the condition of the floor of your house has done plastering and Puree, then can be directly paired parquet floor that has been provided. Luminescence first the base that is used as a storage area of ​​teak wood floor with wood glue, then paste solid teak wood flooring one by one.

This method is fast, but there is a possibility of unevenness of the base makes the parquet floor follow-up becomes uneven because the parquet floor is not about the floor itself due to uneven discourse.


Install by installing poly wood or plywood first


This one almost can be said perfect, the floor surface can be flat because before affixed to the parquet floor, ground floor paired poly wood or multiplex. The multiplex is given wood glue then continued by sticking teak wood floor one by one until blended.

Lack of this way, the basic surface of multi pack may not last long, approximately 5 years the multiplex has undergone weathering.